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     PE PHC of Molėtai district provides services of primary dental care - it is a complex of non-specialized qualified dental health care provided in accordance with the requirements of medical norm.

   The treatment procedures are carried out using modern and approved techniques, equipment, filling, disinfection and sterilization substances.

    Residents (except children and older individuals who attend general education schools or vocational schools on a full-time basis, up until they reach the age of 24, and for persons who receive social support if they submit a relevant certificate issued by the social support department of their resident municipality) registered in PE PHC of Molėtai district pay for dental fillings and other dental materials, based on the amount and applicable prices of these materials and supplies. If a patient selects more expensive services, materials or procedures at their own discretion, they must cover the difference between the actual price of services, materials or procedures and the base price of free services, materials or procedures.

  The department also provides the service of applying dental sealants for children (6-14 years old) and accepts documents for dental prosthetics.

   For more information, please call: (8 383) 51904 , 8 608 21431.