Documents required for disability


          In order to get the referral to the Disability and Working Capacity Assessment Office (hereinafter – DWCAO), issued by the doctor treating an individual and other medical documents a patient can arrange the appointment to his/her doctor by registering in the reception ofPEPHC of Molėtai district on working days from 7am to 5pm, by phone (8 383) 51660, mob. phone (8 607) 92065 or online via

       In order to prepare the documents required to DWCAO patients are registered to the psychiatrist in the reception of Mental Health Centre on working days from 8am to 5pm, or by phone (8 383) 52205, mob. phone (8 647) 56634.

          For more information, please call (8 383) 51660, mob. phone (8 671) 24189.