Since  1 September 2018 there is no need to go to the clinic once to proceed with the prescription  for patients with chronic diseases and in need for the regular use of certain medications or medical care  - the doctor will be able to provide this service by telephone. The patient may be given medical assistance at a distance, extending the prescriptions for the medicines used; If the patient's condition is stable, he can alsio be given repeated tests, explanation of the results treatment adjustment.

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“Health so far outweighs all external goods that a healthy beggar is truly more fortunate than a king in poor health“. (Arthur Schopenhauer)

      When we are ill or just willing to boost our health we arrange appointments with doctors and in most cases in the nearest PE PHC of Molėtai district. Here we can always get help, advice and support from professionals. All our staff is ready to devote their professional knowledge, experience, sincerity and helpfulness to You – our patients.

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