Referral to see a specialist

         If the patient needs more advanced treatment, he/she will be referred (F027a) to a secondary health care specialist-consultant by a family physician. It is necessary to have a referral when registering for the appointment to secondary health care specialists.

       In order to get a referral to a specialist of the secondary health care a patient has to register to the family physician of PE PHC of Molėtai district on working days from 7am to 5pm by phone (8 383) 51660, mob. phone (8 607) 92065, or online via

   When registering with a primary health care physician specialist: a paediatrician, an internist, a surgeon, a gynaecologist, no referral is required.

     For more information, please call (8 383) 51660, mob. phone (8 671) 24189.