Urgent care


        The urgent care in PE PHC of Molėtai district is provided to patients who have the compulsory health insurance. They are appointed to a family physician, who after assessing the health condition of a person, (if necessary) calls the staff of emergency medical service.

        Personal health care services are provided from Monday to Friday from 8pm to 5pm, on Saturdays from 8am to 12 o’clock. When the centre is closed, the services are provided in the accident and emergency department of PE PHC of Molėtai district.

          When the patient, who needs urgent medical care, arrives at PE PHC of Molėtai district, he/she should go to the reception and provide the ID or passport (services to the minors are provided only in the presence of their legal representatives). The patient is appointed to the doctor without a queue, and is accompanied by a receptionist or community nurse to the doctor.

          Registration to dental care specialists. Patients with a severe toothache should go to the reception, where they will be directed to a dentist by indicating his/her the name, surname, room number. The dental care for patients with toothache is provided on working days until 12 o‘clock.

         Patients are registered to psychiatrists in a separate reception of Mental Health Centre by phone 8 383 52205, mob. phone (8 647) 56634 or on the arrival to the Mental Health Centre of PE PHC of Molėtai district on working days from 8am to 5 pm.


             Urgent psychological help (counselling) of a qualified medical psychologist to people suffering from critical situations is provided by the Mental Health Centre of PE PHC of Molėtai district from Monday to Friday during the working hours of a medical psychologist. When the centre is closed patients should address Republican Vilnius Psychiatric Hospital Parko str. 21, Vilnius, LT-11205, by phone (8 5)267 18 40, Children and adolescent crisis intervention unit, Santariškių str. 7, Vilnius, by phone (8 5) 275 7564, mob. phone 8 659 73007.


           The urgent and necessary care in cases of injuries and traumas is provided for adults and children in PE PHC of Molėtai district, Graužinių str. 3, LT-33125 Molėtai, (reception: I-V 7:00am-5pm, phone 8-383 53385; Accident and Emergency department: 24/7, phone 8-383 51437).


           The urgent and necessary dental care when the PE PHC of Molėtai district does not work (only in cases of acute dental pain, etc.) is provided in Žalgiris Clinics of Vilnius University Hospital, Žalgirio str. 117. Phone (8 5)  272 1781.