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PE PHC of Molėtai district provides the following paid health care services in accordance with the procedure for the provision of and payment for health care services approved by laws and/or the orders of the head of the institution:

• The patient who is not covered by the compulsory health insurance (with the exception of emergency medical aid);

• Services not provided in the agreements with the Territorial Patient Fund;

• Consultation of specialists if the patient does not have a referral (unless otherwise provided by laws);
• Services, materials or procedures chosen by a patient at his/her at own discretion;

• Dental services: residents (except children and older individuals who attend general education schools or vocational schools on a full-time basis, up until they reach the age of 24, and for persons who receive social support if they submit a relevant certificate issued by the social support department of their resident municipality), pay for dental fillings and other dental materials as well as dental disposables, based on the amount and applicable prices of these materials and supplies;

• Health check-ups for employees at the time of hiring and on annual basis;

• Health check-ups for drivers, persons willing to acquire a firegun and persons going abroad;

• Where the patient is administered vaccines that are not included in schedule of the preventive vaccines;

• Other services specified by laws as paid ones;

• Services provided on the basis of mutual agreement with insurance companies and other companies;
•  Other health-related services and paid non-medical services.